Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2006-05-22 19:21:30 (UTC)


I went to tommy's yesterday!

We chilled at his place for a bit. It was nice :) We
watched a movie, and cuddled. awwwww it was good, i really
like him. I feel comfortable with him. i like him, but its
not like, oh my god! i need to talk to him every second of
every day!...its more like, i'll call him once a day, but
most of the time we chill. :)

So, today is Victoria Day and day in which we celebrate
Queen Victoria's birthday. How nice. I would like to have
2 countries in the whole world celebrate my birthday by
lighting up fire crackers lol. Tommy is coming with jessy
and amit :) I hope they dont mind. I wont do this all the
time. Just until my parents know. atleast this way i could
see him without lying and i wont feel a ounce of guilt :)

well....i really need to do some homework

bye :)