Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2006-05-22 04:16:02 (UTC)

3 Years Later

I'm sitting in the office of dry ridge burger king, I
don't work here anymore I'm just waiting for some friends
to get off work. The new, (and much better than the others
I might add) baby April's here with me. We are getting
ready to go to some friend's house to chill for awhile.
April just turned 23 11 minutes ago-She has her head in
her lap-whoo hoo. She sucks, a whole lot, more than anyone
has ever sucked before, ever through a straw. WHOLE LOT OF
done............chocolate milk............
Both her and I are going to attend NKU come fall and
live on campus. YAY :). I'm excited. I now live in the
boonies with her, her mom, and sister. We went to Michigan
for a short while but it didn't work out so here I am. I
have to go Dan has to count his drawers.