slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-05-22 08:43:56 (UTC)

sub diary 21-05-06


i have a cold so i am feeling lousy. the watery eyes and
head ache i can bear but that hacking cough is really
annoying. i cough so much that i make myself sick. cough
medicine doesnt help either. i lazed about most of the
day. i read some and wished i could chat with Master but He
had things to do and people to see. :) i hope He enjoyed
Himself and His friends enjoyed His company.

He had told me all about His plans on saturday & night and
i was happy for Him. i could imagine Him joking about and
having a good time. i knew it was going to be a late night
so there were no unexpected delays. Wwe did manage to
spend a little time chatting but it was about 4am when He
got on and i was signed in but away from the computer. it
was about 1 hour before i realised He was online. i
thought i had missed Him but He was still around. Wwe
chatted but He was tired. there are a few thing i wish to
discuss with Master when He isnt so tired and with some
careful planning this should happen tomorrow evening for
Him/my early afternoon.

love to all
slave jessica {MJ}

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