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2006-05-21 18:03:52 (UTC)

♥ Caleb

Well I said before I had a thing for this guy at my youth
group and that he liked me. Well we started hanging out a
lot but ya know with other people. Awhile ago we went to a
concert in my town and mel talked to him outside. He told
her he really likes me and would love to go out with me
but his family doesnt allow him to dater until his 16..
yea im a couple months older lol.. But then like that week
at sunday church he must of gave mel a letter to give to
me.. anyways once she left I was still there. She called
me and was like are you near caleb and I go yea hes right
next to me..so she made me go outside away from him and
told me about the letter. So she read it and OH MY GOSH..
it said like I like you a lot, Ive liked you since we met.
and I think we could have something great together but I
dont think im ready for a realtionship. I see 15 and 16
year olds head runlong into one and just end up getting
their heart broken. So I guess what Im asking is... will
you wait for me? (then at the end it said) Ill be
IT WAS THE SWEETST THING EVER... So that wednesday which
was this last wednesday I tore off a corner of mels paper
and as he was leaving I called him over and gave it to
him.. It said "ill be waiting" So the next day..I skipped
school lol..mel and I both did...So once I could I got
online and on a site like myspace he posted me a comment
that simply said "thanks" Then later that day while
everyone was at school. Mel and I got nick whos 18 to come
and pick us up but we had to pay him $5.15 for gas..So
him, adam, caleb and his little brother and us went to the
lake and then subway. It was soo funny nick kept making
fun of caleb and I saying i was his gf and we just joked
around. Nick even came over picked me up and caleb hit him
and nick was like oooo sorry are you mad I picked up your
girly friend lol. it was cute. Ok well this is long so ttyl

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