Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2006-05-21 03:26:48 (UTC)


As of May 19, 2006 at 11pm, Tommy and I started dating :)

It was friday night and usually every friday my friends
and i would go out to a cafe. However, this time i brougt
Tommy to introduce him to my good friends. Just so I know
that they like him and its safe to date him. Well, of
course they liked him...hahaha. soooo after talking for
hours with my friends. We decided to split. Tommy and I
went to a parking lot and just chilled. I like it. I think
I like chillin in the parking lot. But like, just sitting
their talking and just people watch. I dont know, but its

sooooooo... we were talking and then i faced him and asked
where we were and like a guy, he said he didnt know. Then
he asked if i would go out with him...aaaaawwwwww...i said

i dont know if i like tommy. i think i do and i think i
dont. I think i just have this wall up, just like jessy
said. i don't know why. i think because of my parents. i
wont let me free. they always have to investigate where i
go and with who.

I have no problem being with him. I love hugging him. i
love it when he cuddles with me. i love it when he puts
his arm around me. i love it how he reaches for my hand. i
love it.