Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2006-05-21 02:27:35 (UTC)

Poem - "Two Paths"

I wrote this poem over four years ago for a very good
friend, who remains to this day one of the people whom I
admire most in this world. I was reading through some of my
older poems and I realized I hadn't posted this one, so here

“Two Paths”
To Tommy Francisco

So here we are again, face to face,
For a little while we’ll slow down the pace
And remember where we stand.
Neither one could have planned
Two paths so divine,
Sometimes under sunshine,
But never long enough to lose sight
Of the shroud of clouds that blocks out the light.
Two paths diverging and winding apart,
Both knowing they’ll never return to the start.
Two pairs of eyes deciphering the codes,
Searching for the next crossroads
Where again they will meet,
And two pairs of feet
Will walk in step for a while.
Two mouths will smile
With new songs to sing
And new questions to bring
Into the open.
Two souls a-hopin’
To find something more,
And see what’s in store
For two hearts that pump fire
And ache to climb higher
Than the clouds that bring rain,
Just to go a little insane.
Two paths again will stray,
Destined to cross again some day,
Ziggin’ and zaggin’ right through to the end,
Good luck on your journey, farewell my friend.

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