Dave's Mental Meanderings
2006-05-21 02:05:57 (UTC)

Poem - "Look At Us Now"

Look at us now through the lens of the years
That have left us bitter and bare,
Stranded on land with no heavenly hand
To guide us back into the air,
Lost and alone when the labors of love
Have broken the bones in our backs,
Stained with blood in the wake of the flood
For want of what solitude lacks,
Wandering and drifting and silently sifting
For something to spring from the sand,
We curse as we wait, for the worst of our fate
We fear is not yet at hand.
We cry out for reason, what capital treason
Can serve as a justification
For paying our penance by serving this sentence,
Imprisoned in lifeless frustration.
But look at us then when our world was new
Before the floodwall had broken,
Unwilling to wait as we sprang from the gate
Out into the great wide open.
To live and to love in the clouds up above
Was our singular solemn intent,
With innocence to spare and hardly a care
To slow our skyward ascent.
In the springtime of youth we gazed from on high
And shrugged off the warnings in jest,
With the hearts that we wore on our sleeves in our throats,
For the first time is always the best.
We drank up the wine and crossed every line,
We have it one hell of a go,
But it’s risky up there in the rarefied air
As now we’d be fools not to know.
On the dawn of the day when the damage was done,
Like an engine that sputters and stalls,
We shuddered and screamed as our bodies careened
In sporadic spiraling falls.
And look at us now as we ask ourselves how
These once-fertile fields ever froze.
The scars begin healing as we regain the feeling
In our frostbitten fingers and toes.
The waiting is slow and the heartache still shows,
But we know it’s only the start.
As the sun creeps out in the bright early dawn
The warmth will soon spread to our hearts.
In the meantime, my friend, one love that won’t end
Is the one that we share with each other.
Through the comings and goings of lovers and friends,
We’ll always have one another.
I’ll be there on call when the rain starts to fall
And your fire could sure use a spark,
For you give me so much with one human touch
And a friendly smile in the dark.
On ground or in air, the bond that we share
Will help us along all the while,
Just look at us now and it’s clear to see how
We still can manage to smile.