Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2006-05-19 02:42:44 (UTC)


I feel like crrrrrrap. Fuckin crap of shit! :(

i wana be a boy :(

newho besides the fact that being a girl sucks sometimes:D
tomorrow is friday night, and usually my friends and I go
out at night for coffee and just chill. BUT, this time its
different, you know why!!:D because i finally have a date
*tear* :D
i chilled with tommy twice with him and his buddies, now i
think its time he meets my friends. I hope he doesnt being
them. Im not being a bitch. It's just that if he comes
alone, my friends well meet him and see him. If he brings
someone else, he wont really bond with my friends. I think
it's fair though, because the 2 times i chilled with him,
it was with him and his friends. Man, I just want him to
be alone lol. and maybe on sunday, tommy and i could just
chill together. Just to talk.

I wana talk to tommy, just one on one. I wana talk about
where we're at, you know. Just what we both want in a
relationship, to get to know each other. I want him to
know how my parents are, so he doesnt get a shock every
time he asks me to go out at night and i say no. I dont
want him to thik i dont want to see him. It's that i'm not
allowed. Like today, he's in my neighbourhood, and asked
if i wanted to go out for coffee and i told him i cant,
not right now. and he asked when, i said i dont know. I
really want to talk to him. I think if tomorrow goes well,
i'll tell him i want to have a talk, just about where
we're at. :) i hope he's cool with it.

When we're with his friends, we dont talk very much. i
hope i dont sound like a bitch. I like his friends, i just
want tommy alone lol. maybe he doesnt want to be alone
with me :(

It's so weird though, that he introduced me to his friends
right away. Guys in the past never did that, but he did.
OMG! u know what he did...awwww...i like him so much
because of this. I went to give him a hug, and my shirt
went kinda up, not up up, but enough to see a little flesh
and...awwww..he put my shirt down...lmao...i know it might
sound weird, i liked it sooo much. He didnt try to go
under my shirt, no, he was such a gentleman :)

I think i like him. But it feels like a comfortable like.
Maybe this is how it feels to like someone...lmao

well, tomorrow I think i'll know what i want from him.
Once, my friends meet him, they'll give me the green
light. My friends know how my parents are, they know what
kind of guy i want and if tommy fits that, then i know
that it'll be safe to introduce him to my parents :)

alright, i getting cramps like a fuckin mad woman, im
gonna go lay down for a bit... bye :)