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2006-05-19 01:54:32 (UTC)


So we were in science and well we're doing biology. So we
were like talking about fertility rates. And we had to
come up with a question about it. So the girl the next
table over says I need a question I don't have any
questions and I'm like make one up. So she thinks for a
sec and then says where do babies come from. We all laugh.
Then Josh Graves is like I'll explain. He says first a man
and a woman need to have a relationship. Everyone that
heard including our substitute teacher started laughing
their heads off. I was almost crying. Then he's like and
I'll stop there. It was hilarious. Then we started talking
about other ways to explain it and like how little kids
react to their parents having babies.

Hilarious. I forgot to tell Smith that he needed to bring
back a piece of hair, clothing, and a personal item of the
person that wrote the book so I can like get my revenge
with a voodoo doll.

Happy yet sad. But it's ok.

Thought of the Day:

I'm already planning what I'm going to tell Smith when he
gets back. Probably starting with did you bring me
anything. Then bring up the voodoo doll thing then the
fertility incident. Hilariousness.

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