Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-05-19 01:38:57 (UTC)

Matts Poem

When We Started

When we started it wasnt nothing but a thing but now your
in my heart, forever to remain, I have no clue of what you
Have done but you light me up, brigheter then the sun. I'm
trusting you to hold my heart, so be easy, not to tear it
apart, feelings are hard to give, but easily broke, so when
I tell you I care its really no joke. I'm giving you my
heart, love and trust so hold on to it and never give up.
I'm really falling for you, and falling very hard, I'm
starting to let you in, I'm throwing down my guard. I'm
trusting you not to let me down to hold my feelings and not
to throw around. I want you and want this to be, so please
Nett wait around for me!

This was a letter I got in the mail. Matt sent it to me. I
just thought it was really sweet, and maybe it gives you a
picture of how much he really has changed, cause that
doesnt sound like the man i use to bitch about lmao!

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