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2006-05-19 09:08:50 (UTC)

sub diary 18-05-16


dont you just hate it when you write a nice entry then the
computer plays up and you lose it?

well today i had counselling again. i didnt handle it very
well at all. i flew off the handle at my counsellor. since
my last surgery i have been left with a complication of the
anaesthetic. my counsellor suggested that maybe it is
pschological or even i maybe faking it. i stormed out with
her running after me telling me to calm down, for me to
come back inside with a cup of tea and we could discuss
it. i told her what to do with her tea and sympathy. i
didnt make an appointment for next week.

Master has told me to not make a rash decision on that so i
will decide tomorrow. Master is so helpful but alot of
time Wwe dont see things the same. this can be good as Wwe
can then give each other our opinions. this is one of the
best things i like about Master. He respects my opinions
even when they are completely opposite to His.

Wwe also talked about something that is happening here in
my close family. it isnt a big thing but was interesting to
get His opinion on it. Master might have to work this week
end but hopefully Wwe will get to chat and maybe Wwe will
get to talk on the phone as well.

i love You Master
slave jess {MJ}

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