I Debbie...
2006-05-18 13:08:59 (UTC)

What I really would like to say

Okay call me a pussy. Really. I hate con frontation or
whatever. But Here Goes.....

Why oh why do you Tom have to use stupid references within
an email just so you csn explain it in three lines to hear
yourself talk and talk. I have never known anyone and I
have known plenty of people who have loved the sound of
their voice but you take the cake. I could not care less
about your woek or the fact that you hate your job or you
wish your boss would listen to you because we all have
them but just shut up. Or better yet don't drink so much
that I have to devise better ways of prohibiting you from
sleeping on our couch or the bed b/c you pee in your damn
alcohol induced slumber. I mean I have been drunk but I
don't pee like a child in a bed. Furthermore pick up after
yourself when you visit. You know how much it pisses me
off when you have your once again pee stained underwear
all over the apt so pick the crap up. I am not your mamma
or your wife. And thank God for that b/c I would have to
shoot you!!!And why is it that you decide in your frigin'
wisdom when you come to visit. Should it not be a joint
venture based on when it is also good for us? And what is
it about you that insists on being with me and my husband
Brian on every thing we do from an anniversry trip to
anything else. I didn't realize how much you irritate the
living shit out of me until now. I mean you are like a
damn gnat....And the money we spend every time you come
up... on alcohol . Oh yah I know I can pay you back but
that isn't the point. It is money out whenever that I
really wish I could spend on other shit. I mean it would
be one thing if it wasn't the central aspect of the
weekend, but Gosh for fucking bid we didn't have import
and a wide selection. ALL WE WOULD HAVE TO DO IS BUY
MORE!!!!!! I mean I should be thankful anyone visits b/c
no one ever does know Kansas is so very hard to
find on the map for our relatives....especially the ones
who used to live here....but why does Tom have to
determine his time and travel. Like I really care what
kind of car he rented to get here. Or the exact time and
temp he left as he left home. Truely he will give us that
detail....or how many drops of rain or what color hias
cereal bowl was he had at home...

I Debbie

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