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2006-05-17 11:41:07 (UTC)


It all makes sense to me now. The dream that I have
dreamt for days on end has finally come through in full.
The thing is that the whole thing is weird. The women
turned out to be a monster and the very thing that I was
afraid of. The thing that I knew was wrong was the
women. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to see
through the symbolic meaning of that.

A year ago, I said everyone would leave me. Everyone
would fucking leave. Now look at it. Jasper is gone,
Lyndsey mind as well be gone, Jessa is long gone and Sean
is Sean. He doesant give a fuck about me and he doesant
give a fuck about anything or anyone else.

This is my time. My life. My era. My fucking time.
Regardless what anybody says or does, I am going to do
what the fuck I want when the fuck I want and wherever the
fuck I want. In less than 60 days, im going to be 18. Im
debating whether I should move away from my parents or
stay. I hate them. I hate them so much. I wish I could
put a bullet through my dads head. I hate him more than
anybody in this god damned world. His name makes my blood
boil. I wish of all wishes he'd fall dead. There is no
excuse for what he did to me. None.

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