Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
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2006-05-17 02:27:41 (UTC)


I'm all tired. I'm doing this course and working strange
hours because of it, and I'm tired. And my damn throat is
starting to hurt a bit. I am so unimpressed. However...

I have some work to get done but don't really feel like
it. Of course, the problem is, I really do have to do
it. I just can't seem to motivate myself properly. [-
sighs a bit-] I don't know. Makes me wonder about myself
a lot. Whatever. I'm considering going to bed "early"
and then doing my work in the morning, but that doesn't
usually work out terribly well.

I'll never understand this, this need I have to sabotage
myself. I don't know. I just don't fucking know.


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