Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
2006-05-16 17:38:00 (UTC)


Well, Now this is going to be a long one.... I just
recently found out that Matt wore a wire on one of our best
friends Richard Taylor and got him into a shit load of
trouble with it and now Richard is going to jail! I was
real close with Richards girl Tara I known her forever
well, She dont want nothing to do with me cause I didnt
leave Matt for doing that to Richard! but in my eyes if
Richard hadnt have been doing it in the first place he
woulda never got into any trouble. The cops made Matt a
deal cause a long while back Matt got into some shit about
having possasion of stolen rims. Well they made him a deal
that if he wore a wire on someone he would only have to go
to the Anthony Center instead of Reginal for both of his
charges. Well considering Matt is at the Anthony center i'm
sure you all can see the choice that he choose. Well now
everyone is going around talking shit cause Matt is a
snitch. But what could i say i would prob do it to so that
i didnt have to be away from my family for an extended
about of time! I'm acctually thinking that Matt for once
made a not so bad decision to help himself instead of his
good for nothing friends for once! I dont even know what to
think though I'm just so tired of hearing the word SNITCH!