Jenny's Journal
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2006-05-16 06:46:48 (UTC)

Been Awhile

What a difference time and distance make. For the first
time since the ordeal with my ex-room mate I laughed a
truly healing laugh. It felt so good to feel good again
that I actually had tears.

Going home has restored me. I am healthier and more relaxed
now. I can sleep again without the fear of waking up
gasping for air at some nightmare. I could see the light at
the end of the tunnel, but didn't feel it's warmth until

I got my health insurance back and have an appt in a few
days. Before long I will be getting the medical care need.
I'll be able to have the thyroidectomy (removal of the
thyroid) that I couldn't afford before. Doesn't sound like
fun, but compared to the alternative it looks pretty good.

I came across a photo taken on a really good day with a
friend and coworker. It was taken when we were both still
happily promotion free. It was a pure moment of playful

Dont get me wrong, all's not well, but my disposition has
improved. The time is coming when I will have to move
again. May this be the last "hold me over for now"
residence I see. I wanna place to call home. I want my own
home that no one can take away from me. One day. Til then,
it's all about immediacy of "where do I go now".

I don't know what to expect next. Untraveled road. Another