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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-05-13 14:49:34 (UTC)

sub diary 13-05-06


i had a late night last night and i had a drink of
sparkling wine. i am feeling much better today. a few of
the complications from my surgery are easing a little
which makes me feel better as well.

with Mothers Day this sunday, i will be visiting my mother
& grandma. i have still rely on a lift so i guess i will
be visiting more than just my mother. it will be a full
day so i am glad i am feeling a little better.

this morning i had some time alone and i knew Master would
be working so i almost didnt bother checking my emails
early but then i thought Master normally leaves me some
kind of email on work days so i did. what a shock Master
was home as He wasnt well. He had left instructions on
how i had to page Him with a code when i got online. i
followed His orders & soon Master had signed in to chat
with me. Oour chat was short as Master wished to talk on
phone. Master commented how well i sounded today. this
made me feel good too. He asked me to bring some pegs to
the phone and then asked me if i wanted to talk before
some light pleasure and pain. Our talk was good but then
i let Him know i was ready. i was ordered to massage my
breasts and to arouse my nipples...2 slaps to the right
nipple then apply a peg....2 slaps to the left and another
peg. then i was to play with my pussy until i was very wet
and begging to cum for Master. after gaining permission
and cumming i was to rub my juices over my tight hard
nipples after removing the pegs. this hurt but the pain
raced directly to my wetness. Master allowed me to cum
several times today. thank You Master.

as i lay in a warm glow lightly touching my naked body,
Master & i talked about a few things. i was a little
concerned that Master may punish me for things that are
out of my getting a flat tyre and being
late home. it was clarified that i would never be
punished for these kinds of things but i would be punished
if i failed to contact Master to let Him know as soon as

i love my Master. He is a just and fair Master and i feel
i am the luckiest slave in this world right now.

Master & i are to talk again soon.

i love You Master
slave jess {MJ}

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