This is the beloved air I breathe
2006-05-12 22:52:14 (UTC)

seperation - for real

Jason and I are seperating.
This was his decision, and I support it.
I'm so lonely
I feel so alone
I know that God has been whispering to me
and I know that He has been calling me unto himself
but I feel a little foggy headed
Like I can barely hear or see it through the mist
I have told God that He has to be the one to rescue me.
I cannot pull myself out of this.
I feel rebelious in my heart
If I hadn't been rebelious, none of this would have
happened. If I hadn't been so selfish
I am a waif.
I have to go
I'm going to start crying
I need someone to hold me.
And it cannot be my husband.
I know that I need to let the Lord do that in me, but ...
well, I just don't know what's stopping me.

if you feel like it, say a prayer for me tonight