slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-05-12 09:44:58 (UTC)

sub diary 11-05-06


today i had counselling. i was able to talk about my
feelings of the past week end. i was told i had to own my
own emotions and the own the problem. i didnt fully
understand this. i guess i must make the decision if i was
to be angry with what happened. and i was angry and to a
degree i still am. i am not really angry with Master any
more but i am just angry. i guess any emotion is an

again Master & i chatted. there is so much right now that
we need to discuss. my life is about to change for the
better. Master wishes for me to have another
submissive/slave to chat with. He has sent a request to
another for me. i think this will be good as then i wont
feel so isolated. there are times when i feel i am the
only one out there. a long time ago before i was collared
to Master i used to chat with another Dom. this Dom was
always respectful to me and never pushed me into anything.
He is still on my contact list and Master knows this. this
other Dom makes contact with me occassionally. He recently
contacted me again and He & i were able to have a bit of a
conversation. it felt good to chat to another who
understands the lifestyle. i knew Master would be a little
uneasy but i showed Him a copy of the chat and even though
there were a few things i said that werent quite right, He
understood my reasons for it. i will not chat with this
other Dom much in the future as i dont like to make Master
feel uneasy.

slave jess {MJ}