This is the beloved air I breathe
2006-05-10 21:51:44 (UTC)

Emotional Hauntings

I feel you
Your shadow in and around me
Your presence eternally behind me.
I am haunted by you

Seduced to sleep
By your ever calling sprit,
I am acutely aware of you in my dreams
Your thoughts are on my heart
I breathe your consciousness

This is wrong
My life belongs to another

I taste you in his kiss
I see your face in his eyes
I’m living in a daze
I’m haunted by your shadow,
Aroused by the knowledge of you

How can I lay your restless spirit to sleep?
How can I put you at peace in my mind?
Do I want to?
Is there power over this possession?

You intrigue me
You have captured me with your beauty
I have seen a glimpse of your person
And I hunger for more

One drop of your lifeblood
On my dry parched tongue
I’m wanting

Until then,
I will acknowledge you
My intangible companion
I will meet with you
In the stolen moments
And go on ever waiting
For you to come to life
And put this ghost to rest.

Come and free me from this slavery…

C Elizabeth Jones 5/6/06