Unseen Scars..
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2006-05-10 21:02:36 (UTC)

Its always better when we're together..


*grins* what a week so far..

Sunday - Zoo Time! we named just about all the monkeys they
owned, wimped out in the reptile house.. frogs?!?!,
witnessed flamingo electric shock victims, did a penguin
dance, sang lion king songs, got a free go on a kiddys
ride.. twice, i giggled all the way round, no i wasn't

Later.. we ventured back to megans, she popped a wine cork
in my face! i got overly excited on a swing, we brought
kinder eggs, had vodka shots from the little toy egg
plasticy things.. classy as fcuk mate! saw michael jackson,
and I collapsed outside jacksons while meg went to buy
cheese.. ok so maybe then i was drunk.. slightly..

Monday brought, nottingham, rock city, and Me first and the
gimme gimme's! oh what a pit! i've never been so hot in all
my life, or... touched so many peoples asses.. nice.

Tuesday - Yes, believe it baby.. i saw the dresden dolls :D
I am in love with amanda, and want to steal brian
please..or maybe just his hat anyway.. if i was a christian
yes virginia would be my bible.. and we just have to
mention the bricky dressed, bin lid and coat hanger playing
support.. what were they called again? oh yes *shouts* bang
on! haha.. maybe you had to be there..

*grins* what a week so far!

See.. i apreciate the little big things :)



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