2006-05-09 23:38:37 (UTC)

Looking to...

... do something. I was just over at dunkin. Spending some
quality time with myself. I hope to see Chris today. I've
got some revealing photos of myself to give to him. He
keeps saying I'm beautiful. I love it. Might as well give
him something to masterbate to. I guess. He said he's not
even in the mood to watch porn... as a sexaholic, as he
calls himself... I think he is really falling for me. The
fact is that I'm falling for him too. Which is great, but
I don't know what's the best way to express that. Work is
my sanity because it takes my mind off of him and onto
pleasing people, improving myself, and just being myself
more and more, the person I am, and the person I strive to