My usually fucked up life...
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2006-05-08 04:58:05 (UTC)

No topic....

Well, I'm getting better at this...this time it was only
like 2 weeks or so since the last entry. I haven't really
had much go on anyway...I managed to get a little business.
I created some take out menus for the dairy queen restaurant
right down the street. But other than that, I'm still bored
and single and lonely. I'm truly starting to get tired of it
too. I am going to HAVE to find someone semi soon. I can't
live with family forever and I basically have no local
friends anymore. I found out though...although I may have
mentioned this before...I have several disks in My neck and
back that are slowly deteriorating...they say it could be
months or even years but one day I won't have hardly any of
the mobility left that I have now so I'll have to have some
one to live with to take care of Me or I'm as good as dead.
I think, as long as nothing fucks it up, I might have
someone....I do care deeply for elizabeth already even
though I hardly know her. I just hope that it lasts but well
with the age diffence (I'm 30 and she's 18) My family is
already against it and says that it is destined to die out.
But well, I'm getting a bit tired and obviously starting to
just ramble and bitch again so I'll shut up here.

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