slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2006-05-07 15:23:37 (UTC)

sub diary 07-05-06


it is sunday here so that is saturday for Master. i dont
recall Him telling me if He had plans for today. my
problems are not improving at all. i am getting more and
more depressed by them. the future looks so bleek to me.
have tried to call Master several times. i have tried His
mobile service as well as His land line. His mobile just
diverts to messagebank and the landline just rings out. i
know He has a pager but at present i am unable to access
through the computer i am using. i would leave a message
but the way i am at present it would be of no use.

i just wish i could have contacted Master, even briefly. i
dont know who to talk to. i am scared for myself right
oh well!!!!

slave jess {MJ}

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