No Name
2006-05-07 02:12:15 (UTC)

Love??? I don't know anymore

I am so upset right now. Matt left to California and said
he would look for an apartment in Chico and then goes 40
minutes away to another town and thinks it's ok. I need to
be in chico cause that's where my family is and he doesn't
want to. i am going to school there and he seems to not
Why am I so stupid thinking that he is going to do
something good for us. He always thinks of himself first.
How could he rub in my face that I am not driving yet
cause I have kids? How? It was his fault for the most
part. I was sexually active cause he would touch me and
make me feel like I wanted to have sex and I did and it
felt good so I did it over and over again and got
I am so stupid. I can't beleive I beleived in a guy. ALL
GUYS ARE IDIOTIC MORONS. I hate men and wish I would be a
little smart and love myself enough to be able to do
something about this.

I just talked to his grandma, now it's just time to calm
down and wait.


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