Life - so complicated
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2006-05-04 19:22:52 (UTC)

Is he lying or am I just paranoid?

I know I shouldn't care... it's none of my business what
he does I know but because I can't make it to the cinemas
tomorrow night, I suggested this evening. I knew he'd
already been asked out by his other mates but the place
they were going really isn't his scene. Anyway he sent me
a text after about 2 hours telling me he couldn't because
his mum had just suddenly told him that they were going to
his uncle's 50th.

When I first met him the one thing he loved telling me was
that he was a 'shit hot' liar. Excellent. The question is:
is he lying to me now, just so I don't feel bad or let
down? And if that's the case then how should I react?

I want to check but Lee has no credit so I can't see if
Adam's gone with them - I really need to stop getting so
paranoid, especially when it's none of my business.

I can't wait til I get to Stirling and my life can start
all over again.

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