starting MY life over
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2006-05-04 17:47:56 (UTC)

Tammy and Sandy

well, tam an sandy are goin to LA to take care if some pers
busn an i'm gonna go too. then back to here to p/u 2 main
puters to take back to wa state. one to sandys and main
video puter to Tams. Tam has taken me in and wants me out
of my own house here in ca. made up my mind totally and
gonna take that 'leap of fate' to be with her an sandy.
sold welder and compressor last nite. woooohoooo! i wont be
goin back up there without anything. feels good too. gonna
p/u everything needed for an exqusite din for us all
(especially the 2 girls).
ahhhh! so much to tell ya mr.diary, but soon. scept, I
oh, well. the welder an comp didnt sell. SNIT