No time for love Dr. Jones
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2006-05-04 14:36:33 (UTC)


So I found this crap in someone's blog, thought I'd yoink
it. Sue me.

10 Random Things About Me
1. I'm sick of being used
2. This girl from work (Kate) is as funny as piss, and I'm
not sure she know it
3. Sometimes I wish my life were more exciting
4. Sometimes I wish I were trendier, then I snap out of it
and thank fuck that I'm not. Imagine the fashion bill!
5. Buterfly Effect rox
6. I am now a responsible home owner, scary
7. The most unattractive thing about a girl is her own
self esteem (either way, too much or not enough)
8. The Tigers will make the 8 this year (right after my
lottery win)
9. I've finally learnt to not be ashamed of my geekness
10. One day I will do up a Starion, one day...

9 Ways To Win My Heart
1. Love me and make me feel alive
2. Let me have alone time when I need/want it, it doesn't
mean I don't want you
3. Appreciate me
4. Take an interest in my interests
5. Take my coompliments when I give them
6. Be spontaneous
7. Show me things I've never seen
8. Make me feel things I've never felt
9. Let me sleep in on weekends

8 Things That Annoy Me.
1. Arrogance
2. Students (a little knowledge is an annoying thing)
3. People that don't stop talking to breathe
4. People who talk about things they know nothing about
5. Online diaries and the upkeep of said diaries
6. Music "mental blocks"
7. Collingwood (more specifically the magpies, even more
specifically Eddie)
8. idiots

7 Things I Wanna Do B4 I Die
1. Sky dive
2. Gallipoli on ANZAC day
3. go in one of those shark cages
4. Bungee jump
5. play the big day out
6. Meet a musical hero
7. Have kids

6 Things I Believe
1. It's very hard to believe in anything these days
2. Music is the way
3. Americans as a rule, are idiots (refer 8 Things That
Annoy Me)
4. Metallica will live forever, one way or another
5. Working in an office will suck the life out of you, one
day at a time
6. Falling from a great height would hurt (I ran out)

5 Things Im Afraid Of
1. Being alone
2. ridiculous heights
3. losing people
4. being mediocre for the rest of my life
5. losing interest in geting out of bed

4 Of My Favourite Things
2. good morning blowies (haha)
3. driving fast through the hills
4. weekend sleep ins

3 Things I Do Everyday
1. work like a dog for people who don't respect me
2. get love from Belinda (she's ace)
3. wish I could play like Jimmi

2 Things I Wanna Do Right now
1. play really loud guitar
2. murder an icy cold vanilla coke

1 Person I Wanna see Right Now

1.Juanita, a chick I used to work with. Don;'t know why,
but she was cool and I'd like to see how she's doing

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