Don Juan

2006-05-03 17:24:34 (UTC)

life is good

Life up here is pretty good... believe it or not, I'm
having lot of fun with all these Yankees!! Especially one
named Emily... she's turning out to be quite fun. She's
much better than just some good looking bimbo! That's
pretty much what I've always had...
it's VERY different dating someone on (hell, above) my own
brain waves. It really is nice. I just can't seem to get
over how smart she is. And that she likes me... I've never
had a smart girl interested in me. Except for Crystal, but
that just didn't work out as I had hoped. But now I'm
kinda glad it didn't.

I'm going back down to GA to get my license in a week!!
Turns out that she's comming with me to help on the drive
back up, I can't wait... she said she wanted to have sex in
every state!! Talk about an exciting ride!! LOL! But I'm
planning on taking her to the river and maybe skinny
dipping, it'll be alot of fun!! Oh well, I had better get
back to work... but I can't wait for the trip... I get to
fly as well for the first time.

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