Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2006-05-03 01:46:42 (UTC)

one more thing

I manage to have patience when it comes to my friends but
maria you wore out my patience like last year/summer. I
can't stand you. Stop tailing me. Don't ask me stuff. And
i'm just like getting really sick of you. And that's why
you have no clue this diary even exists. And I'm making
sure that you never find this diary. But honestly I
entertain the thought of telling you to your face or
letting you find this especially after this entry. But
knowing you we'd be forever enemies because we both have
the will power for that.

maybe that's why I don't tell you.


If I ever got the chance to just say Maria can I be
brutally honest with you....

I would.