Unseen Scars..
2006-05-02 17:58:58 (UTC)

Now I'm All Over The Shop..


This weekend, in manchester, I slept with Nati.. more than
once. Hell we shared a room and a bed, it was inevitable

Thing is..

now what?

I don't regret it one bit, it was fucking great *grins*

But do i want a relationship with her? I don't know.

Does she want a relationship with me? Thats anyones guess..

She's a fantastic girl,

i just never understand


Also in Tobis words.. to sum up..

Hotel was kewl.Rooms a bit trashed. Had a water fight in
one, spilt pot noodle and pringles, and theres a trail of
strawberry jelly sweets all over the floor we were on,
including the bathroom, Lizzie broke the shower and I lost
my hairbrush, Padmore brought half of sainsburys,
My hairs turned green, Tasha has a lover called dale,
padmore has 3 lovers but she dosnt know their names but she
got a RHCP shirt out of it, zuton boy had a bubble
necklace, manchesternarians have funny accents, got ripped
off by taxis, my £300 camara is fucked, they had a big
zuton poster, and we didnt go on the big circly thing.

Although, i didn't break the shower.. it just wouldn't
fucking stop!

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