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2006-05-02 17:05:09 (UTC)

Im back!

Hello agaaaaiin!!!

Ima tell you what happened on my holiday now (lucky you)

Well mum woke me up at 5am on monday and i got up and just
put some jeans on with my HIM top and got in the car.
Drove to the airport and got on the plane (hate flying,
almost cried) but oh well, got into Las Palmas and went to
the apartments (our one was nice, the others were crap and
cheapy) at night we went to eat at a place called san
muguels (spell check) and I ate foody food what was yummy!
Went home and went to bed.

Tuesday. We went on a boat to the market. I got chased
down the road by a man trying to sell me sunglasses, I
brought them in the end just to get him off my back! Also
got malested by a man trying to sell me a dress, I didn't
buy that and when he turned around to see if they have it
in a different colour i legged it :p also brought Mille
and Beans presant :p lolers then we went home. We stayed
in for tea that night and we made pizza...but my Grandma
put them in the oven on plates (stupid) and one of the
plates broke and the other one was really burt :p

Wednesday. Spent the day at the beach, v. boring. Didn't
go out for tea.

Thursday. Went to the beach again, v. dull. Went to San
Muguels for tea again, v. yummy.

Friday. Stayed home while everyone else went to the beach,
watched TV alllllll day (horror channel sky 321) v. fun.
Went to Dicey Reileys (Irish Bar) and had Malabu and Coke,
Went to a little Italian place for tea, quite fun.

Saturday. Think I stayed home again, can't remember! But
me and my mum and my dad climbed up a mountain whilst
everyone else went in a taxi and we ate at a nice
resterant. Told Grandma that I wass going to be 15 this
year and I don't want a childrens meal, told her it was

Sunday. Last full day! Stayed home again! lolers but we
went to Squires (lushous Irish pub) for food.

Monday. Went home!

Was quite boring, wouldn't want to go again! But I made a
few friends called Nigel, Trevor, Felicity and Jeromy (I
named them) (they're doves btw) Didn't like all the people
trying to sell you sunglasses and watches and trying to
get you to eat at their pub. One person asked me and I
said Ive already eaten and he said "I can see
that" !!!!!!! The cheak! but anyway, SATs going well so
far, Mrs Imrie is scaring me though! (she tried to help us
spell embarrassment by slapping her ass and pretending to
roar, life-scarring experiance...she also told us the
story of when she went swimming and her bakini top fell
down (I was almost sick) (Nick was as well)

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