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2006-05-02 16:31:25 (UTC)

May day, Loyalty Day? Next day... I feel like writting day...

TOday, yesterday and tomorrow are my days off. So what's
on the agenda?
Well yesterday I had Dwight over after I had some coffee
with him. Talked to Oscar and Jason over the phone. Which
is good cause my days off usually consist of catching up
with friends, taking it easy, and getting some personal
things done.
I also got done with some Home depot tomato buying with my
mom and bozo. Then had some time to myself.

Today ... well, I just woke up, so I've been sleeping for
about 10 hours. This is enough. This really counts as
beauty sleep cause my face has cleared up significantly,
(not that I was really breaking out or anything) and I
lost some bags under my eyes. Not completely, but my skin
feels fresh. Love it.
So that knocks out the catch up on some rest thing.
Next is the DMV to get my license renewed and get a new
ID. I might get some coffee. I'll also probably go to Lion
and pick up two of those $1 rentals.
Harry Potter 4 came for me yesterday. I don't wanna open
the package cause then I'll buy it, but I don't wanna
return it cause I gotta letter from the club telling me to
stop doing that. I worry that they'll yet again bill me
for it anyway. I'm trying to find out who loves that stuff
so I can give it to them. Know anyone interested? Perhaps
with a Birthday coming up?
Next on the agenda for today I gotta studdy. Cause I gotta
take that diagnostic test thursday at 2 p.m. Should be
rather easy, but I want to memorize all the specialty
drinks by rote, along with the ones I always forget, like
margarita's, and cosmo's, then study the procedures, go
through the two training manuals, and completely memorize
the OSS stuff on that card, so that when the chance comes
to quiz me, I'll do it and I'll get that reward for it
that signifies that I know our service system, and it will
put more faith in the people visiting the bar, myself, and
my fellow employees.

Tomorrow I gotta study some more, not go out, or maybe?
I'll go out as a reward to myself for finishing my
studies, or as a break... we'll see.
Either Tuesday or Wednesday I gotta go somewhere with some
people. Just so I'm not too out of the loop with friends. mm. I don't.. not sure... we'll see.

Thursday is the winetaste at3, with my diagnostic test at

Oh oh oh... cute story time...

Saturday I was making plans with Jason. I had promised him
to go to a bar and meet someone he works with. Told Chris
if he wants to come with. We were all set, Jason bailed
out. That's fine. Chris and my plans were off for that
saturday night.

I was gonna get off of work at like 11 or later anyway so
we wouldn't have that much time.

I was talking to Chris and told him about the
cancellation. It's the weekend, and he works a 9-5 during
the week, so he wants to go out. He also wanted to see me.
There was no time anymore.

I soon started getting ready for work. When I was almost
out the door, he gave me a call said, it's raining, I'm
gonna pick you up. I said no, it's okay. I've taken the
bus before, it'll be fine. He said no, he'll pick me up
he's on his way, besides it's raining. (It was drizzling)
That was very sweet of him...

But it gets sweeter...

I left work just before midnight. I'm walking out checking
my messages, and he leaves one saying that he's here at
Navy Pier, and it's 11:15. I call him back, it's midnight,
and he's still there. I told him he has best boyfriend
ever award. He does. Mainly because he lives in des
plaines, and to pick me up and drive me to the heart of
downtown twice is going way out of your way.
That's when he went into the whole, well, I'm your
boyfriend, that's what a boyfriend does.
No, I disagree, a boyfriend doesn't do that...
The best boyfriend does.

yeah so that's the cute story, I was gonna write more,
about some thoughts I've been having, some things I've
been writing, but later. Now it's off to food, and the DMV