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2006-04-29 00:27:11 (UTC)


So Since the last entry I hadnt talked to josh again...i
thought things were going great but no. So i emailed him
and said we should hang out, he said oh in a couple weeks
im so busy. Anyways now since a couple days ago Melanie
moved in with me. Her dad stold their house and she has to
finish her year at the same school and that kinda doesnt
work since her dad moved like 40 mins away. Well its been
great for the most part. Her and I have been talking a lot
about just our thoughts. Well since she moved in I thought
Ill email josh and tell him. Ten minutes later he emails
me, and then wants to talk to mel. They talked for a bit
and then handed the phone to me again. Man I miss him hes
so cool I love josh. I mean its weird to explain but I
still love him, over him yet want him...just it doest hurt
as bad. But josh and I talked for like 15 mins and we
joked about tons of old stuff and I was like "oh I get it
you hate me since we dont talk anymore" and hes like "how
could I ever hate you" Oooooo it was sooo uber sweet. I
told him it was cute lol. but the hes like we'll have to
hang out soon. Yeah well later mel goes...he has a
girlfriend again. I was like who?? Her reply "Rachelle" I
WAS SOO PISSED but i guess its not her...my rachelle lol.
its this other girl at his new school. Im pretty cool with
it but just everytime he says that name..guess who he'll
think of. But yea I cant wait to see him I MISSS HIM. hehe
okays well gtg..


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