Soul Flares
2006-04-28 17:34:12 (UTC)

Pre-Prom Drama

Last night; the night right BEFORE prom; Cody dumped Amber.
Through TEXT MESSAGING. What kind of a bastard pussy does
that? She was upset; and called me. The first time she
called I was showering; but the second I was out and I
answered. She was angry; and said she had almost cried but
didn't want to watse tears on him.

She tried calling him; he didn't answer, tried texing him,
he ignored her. I don't know how prom is going to go now;
and my bad feeling is starting to feel very justified. But
Que Sera sera. I'm sure that things will work out. They have to.

Besides if he starts anything we know how to deal with it
now. Cuss him out; tell him to get over himself; leave her
alone and to go away before we collectivly kick is sorry
ass. Dress or no dress; I can and WILL kick his ass if need
be. No one fucks with my friends.

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