I drink Alone
2006-04-28 07:29:20 (UTC)

haha...its all about the he said she said bullShit

So I've been wondering..Why are women so attracted to "bad
Is it the unemployment? Or the not able to commit thing. I
don't know, really.
Maybe in a sick way we need to nurture, to make up for
wherever Momma went wrong.
Poor Billy, everyone has given up on him. Well duh, cause
Billy is an AssHOLE. Fuck Billy.

On a totally different sidenote. I dreamed about James
today during my nap time. (Yes I have a naptime now, it's
whenever Hayden takes his)
It was a sweet dream. We were together but nothing had
changed. We weren't together we were just in the same room.
But all the sudden I was just on him. Touching his chest,
sucking his neck. It was crazy. It was even better because
we both knew we shouldn't. Not with all the things between
On a realistic down-to-earth sidenote. I don't think James
even likes me like that anymore. Maybe some things that
have happened has made me unattractive, I don't know.

Seriously I'm out of wack tho. Everytime I close my eyes
and go to dreamland I dream about sex. My body is telling
me things are back to normal for real now.

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