Problems; But life will go on.
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2006-04-25 21:08:55 (UTC)

The start of going Crazy!!!!

Yes, So i should be working or studying at work... Yet i
got this feeling that i cant shake.. i just want to write.
There isn't much new going on here. Just a lot of things
that are coming up. I told the ladies in my office today
that i'm not coming back and i almost made Glenna cry... It
was so sad. There are some things that i'm really going to
miss and those old ladies are one. They are SO sweet and
i'm going to miss them both. Also i got an e-mail back from
Finacial aid and i'm getting a meeting with them sometime
this week to talk over my scholarships and stuff for if i
come back. I keep telling everyone that i am... but part of
me hopes that I like is A lot at BH so i wont have to move
back again. But i'm not sure what is going to happen.

Last night we had our last outreach meeting. It is crazy
that i have gone a whole year with them. I remember the
first one and how i was SO nervious and such. They are such
sweet people (and not bad looking guys.. lol). Most are
senior and therefore are leaving next year. I wish them
luck with everything but i'm really going to miss them all.
That was the one reason i wanted to stay at augie.. the
Relgion. But i just can't.... or i guess i dont want to. It
is just WAY too hard... So we'll see how things go with

This weekend is CRAZY!! OAR on friday night, Sat morning is
Community service day.. still dont know what is going on
there, 4 on sat is when we are leaving to go to Sissiten
for outreach... staying the night and being back sometime
on Sunday...and i hope to go to the play that night! What a
crazy weekend that is going to be...and that is without all
the homework that i'm going to have to do! I dont know what
i'm going to do with myself. Speeking of homework... i
really should get going on my psyc test studying or my book
for relgion to read.. but ya know.. why would i do that?

I talked to Nick last night.. but ofcourse he doesn't know
reall what he is going to be doing next year either. I
would like to know so i can decided where i'm going to live
next year. There are SO many things that i need to do and i
just dont feel like i'm going to have enought time to do it
all. I have planned out my homework for the next 3 weeks
already... The major papers, books and things.... I feel
the stress coming on and i wish it away!! I can't wait for

Until Later....

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