Problems; But life will go on.
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2006-04-24 23:34:34 (UTC)

Ye be warned...

My diary contains many things... good and bad. Some things
people might not like to hear or some wonderful events.
But chrissy since i gave you everything to get in here...
i suppose it is just as easy to read as it is to write.
There is nothing in here to hide but there might be things
you dont agree with or what have you. So i just wanted to
warn you that you might not be happy with some things you

I hope writing in here helps you as much as it does me...
but i'm not sure if you got my info just to write OR if
you wanted something to read... If you got it to write
though please keep in mind that I have it set as public so
whoever can read it... but to me it doesn't really
matter... if people want to read about my problems let

But i just wanted to tell you... Ye be warned.