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2006-04-21 21:23:05 (UTC)

Stormy Aunt Sherry

Every summer for as long as I could remember, my
Aunt Sherry came to stay with us for a few months. I
learned something really unique about her one night,
during a sudden loud thunderstorm.
I found out that not only did she sleep in the
nude, but that she was scared shitless of thunder. It was
the middle of the night, and I wondered what the shouting
was. There was a bright flash, and suddenly, there was an
ominous, loud, reverberating clap of thunder, and it began
to rain. I heard a shout. I had thought that maybe my
sister was afraid, and I got out of bed and stuck my head
in the hallway.
Aunt Sherry's door was open, and she was standing
there in the doorway. There was another bright flash of
light, and I could tell that she was stark naked. In that
brief flash, I could see her big, round tits, and a dark
patch of fuzz at her crotch.
The lightening frightened her, and she moved away
from the doorway and into the hall, and came running
toward me. She wrapped her arms around me and held me
close to her as the resulting thunder shook the house. She
was shivering, shaking, and I didn't know what to do. It
wasn't from the cold. It was from the thunder.
"Hey, Aunt Sherry, it's only thunder," I
said. "Uh, Aunt Sherry, you're naked."
"Yeah, DeeDee, but it scares the hell out of me. I
hate the thunder, and the lightening. Just hold me for a
I was worried about her being naked, standing
there in my doorway, so I pulled her into my room. There
was another bright flash of light, and she grabbed me, her
naked breasts pressing against my chest, her crotch
pressing against my dampening mound in my panties.
"Shouldn't you put on some clothes?"
"Just let me stay here, with you, and I'll be
fine," she said. I pulled her over the bed and tried to
cover her with just the sheet. She grabbed me and pulled
me to her, and I sat on the bed beside her. There was
another flash, and she grabbed me again. She lay back on
the bed, pulling me on top of her. I could feel her big
tits beneath me, her hard nipples pressing against my
chest. I could feel her nipples hardening, and mine were
getting harder the longer she pressed on then, and I could
feel them pressing against her titties. There wasn't much
I could do about it, except lay there and enjoy it. I
pressed my groin into her crotch, and she answered with a
slight moan. I reached down and felt of her pussy hairs.
She reached down and tugged at my panties, and I helped
her slip them off.
She gently cupped my cunt, wrapping her warm hand
around it. She squeezed it, slipping her middle finger
between my swollen lips, smearing my juices all over my
slit! She guided my hand toward her pussy, and I felt the
entrance to her cunt, wet and hot, as she thrust her pussy
up toward my fingers. I slipped two fingers into her cunt
quickly and easily. I moved my mouth down to her hard
nipples, and sucked one of them into my mouth. She moaned
and moved under me, thrusting her hips upward and down
again, and I met her motions with my own.
I fingered her harder and faster, and soon, she
came, her body writhing and kicking, moaning and groaning.
I was afraid that the noise would wake the whole house.
There wasn't anything I could do about it, either.
I finger-fucked her faster! Faster I was thrusting
my hand into her wet cunt. Our bodies were writhing
together as we fingered each other. I could feel my knees
shaking, and there was a tightening sensation in the pit
of my stomach.
I fingered her faster, and her body started to
jerked and jerked, sending loads of her hot juices flowing
out of her wet, hot pussy. I kept fingering, and sucking
on her tits, and she came again and again.
We lay there, with me on top of her, listening to
the sound of the rain hitting the roof and the side of the
house. "Fuck me some more," she said, "But wear my strap-
on purple jelly "cock" that I have in my nightstand while
you do it!"
I got her strap-on out of the nightstand and put
it on. I looked in amazement at my new purple 9-
inch "cock" protruding from my hairy crotch!! I thrust
my "cock" into her for the first time, and I began fucking
her, but this time it was slower, tan with my fingers, as
the storm outside raged. There was lightening again and
again, followed by loud claps of thunder that shook the
windows and rattled the doors.
I thrust into her deeply and let my "cock" stay
there, without moving. She began to move her hips up and
down, saying, "Don't tease me, slut! Fuck me! Slam that
hard dick deep inside me, DeeDee!!"
I began fucking her again, faster and faster, and
soon, she was moaning and groaning, making enough noise, I
was sure, to wake up the whole house. She came again,
writhing and moaning, her legs lifting off the bed,
kicking high in the air.
I came again; this time from the force of
the "cock" on my clit as I was fucking her so fast....the
sweat between our bodies spurted onto the sheets from the
force of our bodies slamming together. I pulled out of her
and rolled over beside her, and she reached over and
grabbed my hard "cock".
She leaned down and licked her remaining juices
from my "cock". Amid the bright flashes of light from the
storm, I watched her mouth cover my "cock", sucking it
deep inside. I could feel her hard tits pressing into my
chest, and the feeling and the sight of it made my clit
throb again.
"Let me rest, Aunt Sherry," I said.
She pulled her mouth away and looked at me. "Just
let me hold on to this 'till the storm stops," she said.
I agreed. Now, I pray for rain.