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2006-04-21 20:53:57 (UTC)

My Grandmother's Visit

Years ago, when I was still living at home and
going to college, I learned that my Grandmother was going
to come and stay with us for a week during the Easter
break. I was really excited about it. Gram’s was something
special to me. She was one of the nicest, kindest women I
had ever met.
I was anticipating long talks into the night about
things that interested both of us. It seemed that we could
talk all night about things that most people would never
discuss. I really liked being around Gram’s. She was a
marvelous woman. I never really realized just how
marvelous she was, until that one particular visit.
Gram’s had long, brown hair, flecked with gray
that hung to her shoulders, ending in a slight curl. Her
eyes were bright green and mischievous, just like my own.
Her breasts were full and large, and her hips were round
and luxurious. I would say that her measurements were
close to perfect. But then, I was prejudiced.
The very night she arrived, she had taken a shower
and was lying in her bed, a book open, her night stand
light shining. I tapped gently on the half-open door, not
wanting to wake my folks.
"I thought you had a long day, and would be asleep
by now," I said.
"Oh, no, come on in. You smell all fresh and
clean, right out of the shower," she said.
"I took one right after you did." I was wearing my
bath robe.
"Sit here," she said, patting the side of the bed
beside her.
I gently closed the door and walked across the
room and sat on the edge of her bed. She smelled really
nice, probably from the soap or some sort of body spray
she was wearing. The robe she was wearing let most of her
cleavage show, and I couldn't keep my eyes from it.
"What are you reading?" I asked.
"Some really raunchy, sexy book by some unknown
author," she said. "It excites me, sometimes."
I had never really thought about Gram’s and sex.
Maybe, a few years ago, I wondered, and then the thought
was banished from my mind by my own guilt and fear.
"Excites you? How?"
She laughed, a gentle, tinkling laugh that had the
sound of bells. "It makes me hot."
"I bet."
She looked into my eyes. It was a different look
than any she had ever given me.
"It does make me hot," she said, "real hot."
I didn't know what to say. The way she was laying
there, the way she was looking at me, began to excite me.
I could feel myself getting damp, thinking about her. I
shifted position, so that my hand on my mound wouldn't be
as noticeable by the folds of my robe, and she noticed my
shifting. There was a secretive little smile on her face.
"What's the matter?" she asked.
I shook my head and smiled. "Nothing," I said.
Then I added, "Well, I'm getting kind of hot, knowing that
you're kind of hot."
"Oh, well now, we can be hot together."
I sat there dumbly for a few seconds, and then
said, "What do you mean?"
Her eyebrows did a little surprising dance on her
forehead. She reached for the part in my robe, and pulled
the terry cloth aside. Her eyes widened as she looked at
my hard nipples as they hardened even more as the cooler
room air hit them.
"Well, DeeDee," she said with a smile, "that looks
like you really are quite hot." She looked me in the
eyes. "What would you like to do with me? Or, what do you
usually do with your girlfriends?"
I looked right at her and the fact that my hard
nipples were turning her on really made me turned on even
"Usually," I said, "I just pull on them this way."
I reached down and gently stroked my titties.
Her eyes widened, and so did her smile. She sat up
and leaned toward me, letting her robe fall open.
"Can I stroke them for you, I mean, just so I can
really get hotter?"
I nodded. "Sure you can."
She reached over and with her smooth, warm
fingertips, began tweaking my nipples. To my delight, she
moved her other hand to my crotch, pressing and rubbing it
as she tweaked my pert nipples. The feel of her warm, soft
fingers moving across my nipples made them harden up even
"How about something totally different, totally
new, between us?" she asked.
"OK," I said. My voice sounded distant, choked. I
had no idea what she had in mind. It was thrilling, super-
wild, for Gram’s to have my hard nipples in her hands.
She bent over my lap, and I felt her warm, wet
tongue run up the length of my dampening slit. That was a
feeling I had never, ever before experienced. Her tongue
moved up and down the complete length of my slit, and I
could feel her sucking my clit every time she reached it!!
She ran her tongue deep into my pussy, and I could
feel her tits rubbing against my naked thigh. Her tits
were warm and pliant, and I moved a hand under them and
felt of them, squeezing one, then the other. I moved my
hand gently under her tits, finding her hard nipples. I
pinched each one gently, eliciting a slight moan from her.
She suddenly quit sucking my pussy and rose up and
looked at me. She didn't say anything, just looked into my
eyes. She stood suddenly, and pulled her robe apart,
letting it fall to the floor. She stood in front of me
naked, and I looked at her tits, and then at her flat
stomach, my eyes traveling down to her hairy pussy.
The hair made a giant forest right beneath her
navel, and beneath that, I could see her pussy lips, hair
poking out of the side of each one of them. My clit
throbbed and ached in response to what I was looking at.
She lay on the bed, lifting her legs at the knees,
and then spread her legs wide. I got the hint, and I took
off my robe and crawled between her legs. I could feel my
mouth at the hot, wet entrance to her pussy, and she
guided me to her pussy with her hands as she reached
around and grabbed my head, pulling me into her. I began
thrusting my tongue ito her cunt, feeling the warm wetness
deep inside Gram’s pussy. My fingers were sticky as I
moved them between her ass cheeks. I thrust harder, with
her pressing against the back of my head helping me keep a
rhythm that she wanted. I could feel her legs begin to
jerk and move around, and I knew that she was about to
cum. I came just as she did, and I could feel my
throbbing, jerking tongue probing deep inside her as she
moaned softly.
After resting for a moment, I pulled off her and
lay on the bed beside her. The book she had been reading
sat there, and I picked it up.
"Incest Family Love," was the title. I opened it
to the page she had thumbed, and there it was, the story
of a grandmother seducing her granddaughter."
"You use this for instructions?" I asked with a
She shook her head. "I was hoping you would pick
it up, and get the idea, but now, who cares?"

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