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2006-04-21 15:21:29 (UTC)

Logan... December 1 2006...March 30 2006

MARCH 30 2006..... Me and Logan broke up......
APRIL 1 2006..... would have been our 5 month

I used to sign the emails and letters i sent him
with "yo0urgirl"
He started signing his emails with "urguy"

He used to call me Chicky when we started dating... until
Toni let him know that i hated it.

We used to talk on the phone for a long time

We disagreed about almost everything

We used to get fight over stupid things... then make up

He used to tell me that i was beautiful

He used to tell me he loved who i was... then he changed
his mind
i dont know what happened everything seemed fine then one
day he went away and he was no longer mine... the night it
fades away now into blissful day... and when i think of
calling him i run out of things to say...the night it
seems to remind me of how we used to be and everything we
wanted was everything he'd see...

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