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2006-04-21 15:07:21 (UTC)

i dont know just stuff

So me and Logan arent together anymore.... he broke up
with me when i was in Lloyd... i went down there to see
him and it was great and everything seemed fine i was so
happy to see him... but i guess he didnt feel the same
way. i dont know its kinda hard i dont know what to do...
so i am dating this Tyler guy... he is interesting... yeah
i dont know what to say about him... hes too nice and i
dont know he is just kinda weird... i reallie like this
one guy... i have known him for years and i dont know he
is reallie nice we have known eachother for like 7 or 8
years... he is reallie sweet and adorable and i dont know
he already knows me for me... he already knows all the
stupid ebaressing things i do and all that stuff adn i
think thats what makes me want him is knowing that... and
i dont know i dont even know if he thinks of me that way i
reallie hope he does but god i dont know... we slept
together and since then it has been weird and awkward so
yeah i dont know and it doesnt make it any better that one
of my best friends can never know cause yeah she would
kill me and him so yeah... but anyways im just trying to
move on from Logan adn the only two people who make me
forget about him when im with them is Ian and this boy who
is like totallie amazing and yeah i dont know i guess he
isnt a boy he is a man i think he is 23 but yeah he is so
sweet and omgoodness good at.... well alot of things... he
doesnt exactly live in saskatoon though... but he is
moving back soon... that will be awesome... then we can
all go drinking and stuff... yeah i dont know i hope we
wamts to get together that would be awesome if not then
whatever thats kewl too anyways i gotta go... adrian is
running around like carzie....
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