Complicated maiden

Complicated maze
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2006-04-20 19:11:45 (UTC)


God I cant stop crying,
I am scared about riley,
and his life.

He has called like 20 times
in 4 days,
I havent answered once.

I keep having nightmares
I wake up soaked,
I am bawling and i cant stop

At 3 am i figured fuck it
dont sleep.
so i didnt.

I love you riley.
I wish you could see this.

RIley is doing to himself
what alot of people he
loves or loved
have done to him.

Its scary.
Its sad.
Its horrible.

My eyes are swollen and sore.
Should i call him?
Let him know how i feel?

I wont let myself date him.
Its to scary,
I like him more as a friend.

He is very unstable.
When will he overdose ?
when will he commit suicide?

I love you riley.
I hate you too.