My usually fucked up life...
2006-04-20 06:10:28 (UTC)

I'm getting better at this....

It's only been like 2 or 3 months since the last entry this
time. ~L~ Oh well, there's not much going on in My life
lately anyway. Tanya's still planning to get married. She
and I hardly ever hang out at all anymore because I'm sick
of being a third wheel already and hearing "loren this and
loren that". I've been just doing My own thing lately trying
to get My business going. I got a new comp and printer
finally. I've got a few business prospectives. Unfortunately
I'm still single and sick of it but found that I may finally
have a real chance at Sam soon. The weather's been decent
lately so My pain level has been lowered a bit so I've been
able to get out and do more thankfully. I'm supposed to go
to the doctor next month about getting new braces and
starting to walk again for the first time in 12 YEARS. God,
I hope I don't fall on My damn face.

Oh well, I think I'm done for now. I might write more later
or tomorrow depending on how things go.