Soul Flares
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2006-04-18 03:54:33 (UTC)

Drama Drama Drama

Ok, I broke up with James. He took it really well as far as
I'm concerned. He says he still loves me, so I told him we
could still be friends. He said ok, that he still wanted to
visit me and that his feelings for me haven't changed. I
don't know if that's sweet or creapy, but either way I'm sad.

Kiki is getting into a worse and worse position lately.
Easter came and Jody has left because Mr. Kalos hit her.
Kiki is still living with him and because he's angry with
her, she didn't get an easter basket. So Cori, Amber, and I
are all making her one. So Jody is going to devorse him,
He'll probally loose custody of Bubby and Johnny, and I have
no clue what will happen to Kiki.

I worry about her. I really really do. I feel like crying
right now . . . I want to break down so badly. I think
tonight I'll do just that and get it out of my system. I cry
it all out and then focus on how to improve things. it'll be
ok. I'll just take every day one at a time.