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The life of a young mom of three
2006-04-17 21:51:12 (UTC)

Hard Goodbyes

Well, if you have read Jail time partII then you will know
exactly what I'm talking about. Matt went to serve his
6mnth-2yrs at the Anthony Center this morning at 6 am. I
saw him last night at 12:30 and I dont think i have ever
had such a hard time saying goodbye to someone! I mean he
had just started to streighten out and come around he got a
job at Snyder. Its like wow he is gone! I cant imagine
myself waking up without getting to talk to or see hime
everyday. I miss him so much :( I have been crying all day.
I will hear a song that reminds me of him and i just cant
help but bawl. I know how much he cares about me even if at
times he didnt show it. I really cant believe he is gone. I
mean i know he will be back and hopefully things will go
back to normal or better. I'm not sure if i can live by
letter alone though. I miss getting to hear his voice say I
love you. And I miss the way it felt to fall into his arms.
I just I dont know what i am going to do without him
around. I mean you do the crime you do the time right? I
know I bitch about him alot but he is a good guy. Our
relationship may have started out rough but now I wouldnt
trade it for the world things have been going so good. I
mean how are you sapposed to just say goodbye to someone
you care about that much! I cant wait for him to come back
and see me again , even though its about 6-8 months away.
It will be hard but i think that we can make it through it
we have made it through alot of things and I cant wait to
be able to say that we made it through this. We have been
together for over a year now and I'm pretty sure that we
can make it through about anything. I dont know how I'm
sapposed to let go and move on about my normal day life
without him I mean he is apart of my normal day life! Well
I guess in life we all run into a couple hard goodbyes.

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