Just a small bird wanting to fly

2006-04-17 10:42:30 (UTC)

soo here i go again

so here i am after 2 mths later.. still feeling the same...

I was chatting online with one guy which recently messaged
me in friendster..and i think he got upset becoz i said
something.. and he just gone very very quiet.. mm?

Jeez.. this is why i should have boy from my own culture..
so he wont misunderstand me....

And hmmm..since ex or the girlfriend tryign to contact me
again..i was acting upset.. and my friend told me that i
am still bitter with everything ...

I think its normal for me to be still bitter.. as to me.
it's hell of stupidity for a girl who already had someone
i used to love to contact me..

For what ?? I have left them alone.. why the need to
contact me ?? but just today.. i felt that i can let go..
that's y .. i ve been agressive looking for new love now..
but of course.. i have to be very very careful..

so i dotn get hurt again ... :(

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