La Vida Mia
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2006-04-15 14:37:02 (UTC)

April 15, 2006

Where to start, started running pretty consistantly. I
missed my first big race, the aids run, because i had too
much fun the night before. i also had a tae kwon do test
the same day as the race, i think i passed but im not sure
since iv only been to one class since then. have to get
back into shape and get a little more color.

im on the latino heritage festival, i suggested a 5k run to
raise money, and now im responsible for that. i dont know
if il be able to pull it off, but i really hope i can.
would be awesome, AWESOME if i could.

stuff is progressing, the same 3 guys are moving in and out
of my life pretty regularly. chicgo dude is out of the
picture, i think he got tired of waiting for me, i hope
were still going to be friends. ft is always lurking in
the backround.

we talked the other day because i freaked him out with a
text message. so he apologized for whatever he did to me,
wanted to go to dinner to "talk" about it, i didnt want
to. then he told me he wanted to be friends, i told him
not to worry about it. he said hes in a rut and been
missing out on alot of stuff with his friends. i told him
he should start being a better friend to his friends. im
sure they miss him, i would if we were friends.

then he feed me some line about being more proactive with
me, its been so so ever since. the deleted his profile so
im not sure what hes up to anymore, but i know he has
another one and its just a matter of time before i find out
what it is.

hes online right now, so it looks like its our old game of
cat and mouse again.

God, i need to get married and move far far away from this

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