Nick's Journal
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2006-04-15 14:24:44 (UTC)

Estranged from Reality

there's something about music that just makes my life a bit
better. there i was on an inordinately busy friday
afternoon listening to my ipod. we had real estate filings
to submit, reports to be sent to clients, and entry-level
paralegals to get their diapers changed.
so there i was frantically typing up an approval
notification package when i realized that the our new
"attorney" had put the wrong order of registration into the
fedex package. now i was about to bolt so as to catch the
fedex package before it left our firm, but then "estranged"
- guns & roses came on my ipod.
now this song is a 9 minute and 23 second masterpiece, which
you just do not turn off. so there i was at my desk bobbing
my head to estranged. orders of registrations were wrongly
imprisoned in fedex packages they didn't belong in,
entry-level paralegals were eating their own feces at this
point, and clients were ringing our phones off the hook.
but i had to listen to my song.
and it got me thinking about great songs. these are the
songs that make you not mind the faggots on the radio
interjecting their ridiculous comments between 2 minutes of
cuss words and misogynism. i mean even though trick trick
is the worst rapper on earty i still love his song because
it hits me with its beats.
but then there are songs that are just great. these are the
songs you get pissed at when they fade in and out of your
shitty radio reception. and you know what? sometimes they
sound better due to it! like when i was driving down the
highway and sultans of swing faded in and out. i felt like
a retarded rat not realizing that the treat i craved was
constantly being taken from me before i could truly enjoy it.
music makes me think of emotion no matter what and my
favorite songs are the ones that bring emotions out at the
right time. take megadeth's 99 ways to die. that's
something i listen to at a certain time on a wednesday at 4
pm. or take sweet home alabama. what a call out. the
beauty of it being that it is such a lame call out, yet 99%
of the people i've run into will shout that a southern man
don't need him around anyhow.
music has alwasy been and will always be the estranging
barrier between me and reality. when i listen to my
favorite songs i believe myself to be invincible. i believe
that the mood conveyed by the song itself translates itself
into immortality in real life.
i will always wish and believe that the buildup inherent in
the most evocative songs convey a feeling of premonition for
the life i lead. the very fact that most songs take 4 mins
to get good leads me to believe that life is the same way.
you build up to whatever may be your true climax. i guess
it's a lot like masturbation.
but it is less short-lived.

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