The Nine Faces of Dave
2006-04-15 07:26:42 (UTC)

life in a new apartment

Hi again.

So I've moved into my new place, which is nice, though
having no furniture makes it hard to do anything. I was
supposed to have a futon by now, but it didn't show up when
it was supposed to.

The job has improved some. I've had at least a little work
to do over the past couple of weeks, and while it's not all
that interesting, it's something to do. Certain aspects of
it are immensely frustrating, since the big technical
challenges are all due to the programming environment, but
that's better than having nothing to do at all.

Now I have a little story to tell.

Last weekend, I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in
Massachusetts, and we ended up going into Boston with one of
his co-workers and some of that guy's friends. We hit some
nightclub to see this European trance DJ named Armin van
Buuren. Good show, though club people leave something to be
desired; too many tools with popped collars.

Now I'm a real shitty dancer, which combined with a tendency
to really feel the groove, makes for interesting times. I
jumped and flailed around like an idiot a fair amount, but
it was fun. And, at one point, I had two girls dancing with
me, so that was fun, even if the rest of them just pointed
and laughed while I was gettin' down.

So back to the main story thread: one of the other guy's
friends was a very nice girl, and we actually hit it off
pretty well, as much as anyone can in a club situation. She
had met us along with the other guy, so I figured they were
together, in a relationship sense.

Come to find out, that's not the case.

I stayed at my friend's place that night, and the next day
we went to breakfast with his sister, who had also been at
the club. Now she thought this girl had been flirting with
me rather strongly, in fact at first she figured this girl
was my girlfriend(!). I said something to my friend like "I
thought she was with your co-worker." Not a chance; in
fact, the other guy is gay, albeit one of the least
stereotypical gay people I've ever met.

So naturally, I was pissed, because if I'd known the truth I
would have been responding way more strongly than I did (for
once, I actually realized when someone was being a little on
the flirtatious side). Anyway, a couple days ago I broached
the subject with my friend, to see if he might help me get
in contact with her; I figured if there was any potential in
the situation, I had to go for it.

Consistent with my luck, of course, she was seeing someone,
as he'd found out before. I guess he'd actually had some
mild interest in her, though not beyond the "she's pretty
hot" variety. I suppose it's just as well that I avoided
another situation where I was pursuing the same girl as a
friend. I never told that story here; someday I will.

To this guy's credit though, he recognized that I was way
more interested in her than he was, and basically said if
she became available, he wouldn't get in my way. I'm glad
to have a friend like him; that's a seriously classy move,
and I don't know too many people who'd be that gracious in
the same situation. One of nature's noblemen, he is.

The point of that story is that unless you're a complete
dickface, you won't go after the same woman as your friend
if you're not really interested in her like your friend is.

Wait, no, that's not the point of this story, though it is a
valid point to make. The real point here is an illustration
of my shitty luck; I think I would have had a pretty good
shot with her if she'd been single. C'est la vie and all.

This sort of thing happens to me with alarming frequency,
and because I have a policy of not pursuing anyone who's
already taken, these situations never go anywhere. It's an
anti-drama policy, which works well, but then people stay in
relationships forever and any opportunity dies.

I can't bring myself to try and split up any halfway stable
relationship between two people, for the simple reason that
it would be a shitty thing to do. But for god's sake,
people, if you're not happy, end it and find someone else.
Don't lead people on and stay in the current relationship
out of convenience. That shit's just annoying.

Enough venting. I'll be updating this thing more often in
the future, unless of course I suddenly make a bunch of
friends and I'm busy every night. Hey, a guy can hope.

This is Dave, signing off.